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Costa Kujukushima
The pizza & pasta which is made by seasonal food from gulf of kujukushima, we also has the homemade dessert.It is very popularity.
Sasebo Sunset Tokotowa
To provide a creative cookery,it is used the seafood from offshore area of Kujukushima,we also has the best Japanese beef.
ALOHA Kitchen Honu Honu
The Hawaiian pancake is famous for its frothy cream!
There are other dishes available like Loco Moco.
Ukuuku Treasure Island
We welcome you with whale dishes and seasonal dishes.
Take-out also available.
Kujukushima Kaiyuu
Sasebo's famous food lemon steek and the rice bowl topped with seafood.
Ago Ramen Honpo
Various types of ramen that can only be found here.
Also a good place for a coffee break.
Burger Shop Lucky's
Hot burgers that are always fresh,cooked after ordered.

Kujukushima Seafood Market
A Various line-up of locally processed seafood products!
Outdoor goods,aroma products,and Sasebo's original goods.
Dive house Wonderland
We offer scuba diving tours and classes every day!
Our original surfing goods and T-shirts are sold here!
Big wave
Varieties of dolphin goods,miscellaneous goods,and foods.
You can also experience making your own candles.
Aqua-shop Kirara
Umi Kirara's original products like stuffed dolphins and jellfish.
You will also find fancy food products for souvenirs.


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KUJUKUSHIMA PEARL SEA RESORT 1008 Kashimae-cho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki 858-0922
Switchboard TEL:0956-28-4187 FAX:0956-28-4107
Tour boat office TEL:0956-28-1999 FAX:0956-28-2399